KidsQuest Snowcap Trailblazer XXL Indoor/Outdoor Playset


Elevate adventures, create memories. Climb with ease, slide down, explore with extra space, charming cabin.

Age Appeal: 1-7
Kiddo Capacity: 5
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Swing Set Series: Indoor/Outdoor Playsets, KidsQuest Snowcap XXLTags: familyplaystoreSKU: *SC-TB-XXL
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  • KidsQuest Snowcap XXL Trailblazer – Climb, Slide, and Explore with Extra Space!
    The KidsQuest Snowcap XXL Trailblazer takes your adventure to new heights and provides extra space for excitement. Climb, slide, explore, and create endless memories.

    Adventure Beckons:
    Climb up with ease using the sturdy steps, slide down with glee, and embark on thrilling explorations. The Snowcap XXL Trailblazer offers ample space for playtime like never before, along with a cabin featuring cute little window cutouts.

    Vibrant Color Options:
    Choose from a palette of vibrant colors to make your Trailblazer uniquely yours. It’s more than just a playset; it’s a statement in your backyard

    Built for Endless Fun:
    Crafted from rugged recycled poly, the Snowcap XXL Trailblazer is built to withstand years of epic adventures and imaginative play. It’s your partner in creating unforgettable memories.

    Prepare for playtime on a grand scale with the KidsQuest Snowcap XXL Trailblazer. Climb, slide, explore, and create memories that will last a lifetime! 🌟🏞️🧗‍♂️

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    PlayMor Swingsets
    Wood & poly parts
    20 years
    PlayMor Swingsets
    Plastic parts
    5 years
    ChampCraft Playsets
    Wood parts
    1 year
    ChampCraft Playsets
    Plastic parts
    5 years
    Stryker Hunting Blinds
    Wood, glass, & metal parts
    20 years